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Wildcat Tutoring Pilot Program

Tutoring Pilot Program

We are launching a pilot tutoring program at West Woodland funded by the PTA. This will be a volunteer-based program with one paid Tutor Coordinator position to oversee and coordinate volunteers and identified students, and to be present for and supervise the tutoring program.

The tutoring program will run for 30 weeks (October -May), meeting 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for one hour right after school. The program will serve up to 10 tutoring students at one time with a 1-1 or 1-2 tutor/student ratio.

Tutor Coordinator Job Description

The role of Tutor Coordinator involves recruiting and managing tutors, reviewing and helping select students for tutoring, partnering with teachers, ensuring the safety of all kids at tutoring and communicating to teachers and parents regarding the program. This role also involves creating and communicating schedules. The coordinator should be a good communicator and have strong attention to detail. Experience with behavior management and coordinating youth programs is preferred.

Details regarding each responsibility are as follows

Tutor Management:

The coordinator will partner with the UW Work Study program to find tutors for the program, and is responsible for submitting accurate time sheets to the Work Study Office every 2 weeks. Additionally, the coordinator will recruit parent/grandparent community volunteers, and ensure all tutors are trained. If tutors do not show up, the coordinator will adjust schedules as needed.

Student Management:

The coordinator will partner with the school team to determine who is in greatest need of tutoring. The coordinator will also create a tutoring plan for each student to ensure tutors know what they are working on.Safety:

The coordinator will maintain a contact list for emergencies. The coordinator will make sure all kids are accounted for every day and are picked up by the person indicated on the application. If kids have food allergies, additional precautions may need to be put in place around food. Additionally, the coordinator will follow up on any behaviour issues with school staff and/or parents as appropriate.


The coordinator must be able to respond promptly to teacher and parent questions and must be proactive about communicating schedules. The coordinator should be comfortable using Excel and/or google docs for communication purposes.

Interested candidates can contact presidents@westwoodlandpta.org