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West Woodland PTA Fundraising Information & Updates

The West Woodland PTA raises and manages an annual budget of approximately $250,000 to help support and maintain the wonderful programs we have here at West Woodland. Here is a brief list of items the PTA supports:

  • Instructional Support grant to West Woodland Elementary which helps to bridge budget shortfalls and maintain our existing programs.
  • Art Program: 100% PTA funded, bringing visual arts to all students at West Woodland
  • Teacher grants for each teacher to purchase necessary educational supplies and experiences for our children
  • Funding for field trips
  • Assemblies
  • Library Books
  • Scholarships for PTA programs
  • Instrumental Music
  • Computer Lab, staff, and equipment
  • Parent Education and speakers at PTA meetings
  • WW family events through the year

We’ve adopted a streamlined approach to fundraising that has served us well:

Annual Appeal (Fall)
Our Annual Appeal in the Fall is where we aim to raise the majority of our funds.  This is a 2 1/2-week long, direct giving campaign. We communicate our financial goal for the year, and ask that you donate if you are able.  WWPTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and many companies offer corporate matching, which is a great way to double your contribution!  

Spring Fundraiser (Spring) – formally the GALA
The West Woodland Spring Fundraiser is an adults-only party and an opportunity for our community to come together, have some fun, and raise the remaining funds for our annual goal. Fundraising has been slightly different every year depending on our fundraising goal, but has included silent auction, raffle, art auction, and tickets to community parties.

Shop for West Woodland (All year)
The Shop for West Woodland program turn everyday purchases into cash for our school, with no additional cost to families. West Woodland participates in a number of these, historically bringing in ~$4,000 per year. We encourage all families to participate in at least one of the programs. Consider making it a family effort by recruiting grandparents and friends!  Find out more about Shopping for West Woodland.

General Donation
You do not need to wait for one of these events to support our wonderful PTA programs. Feel free to donate at any time. Mail checks payable to West Woodland PTA and mail to PO Box 17296, Seattle, WA 98127.

If you have questions, please contact your WW PTA Presidents at presidents@westwoodlandpta.org.