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West Woodland PTA Board

The West Woodland PTA Board meets monthly, and all PTA members are welcome to attend. For a schedule of upcoming meeting times, please check the School Calendar. Position descriptions and estimated time commitments are listed in the table below. If you are interested in joining the PTA board, please attend an upcoming meeting, and let your interest be known. We welcome your contribution!

2023-2024 Position Holders:
Presidents Kamm Teply and Open presidents@westwoodlandpta.org
Treasurers Jenna Boitano & Jacqui Barnes treasurer@westwoodlandpta.org
Secretaries Becky Neff & Martha Strickland  secretaries@westwoodlandpta.org
Volunteer Coordinators:  Betsy Russell & Sarah Pelonio volunteer@westwoodlandpta.org
Enrichment Coordinator  Patrick Jakubowski & Open  enrichment@westwoodlandpta.org
Arts Coordinator Erin Langner & Regina Van Overschelde art@westwoodlandpta.org
Fundraising Sarah Mundal & Natalie Ugarte fundraising@westwoodlandpta.org
Legislative Liaison  Maggie Mishin & Open Position  legislative@westwoodlandpta.org
Membership Coordinator Liz Kelly & Erin Osher  membership@westwoodlandpta.org
Member at Large Open Position
Special Education Liaisons  Shannon Currier  & Michael Goldring speced@westwoodlandpta.org
Communications Rachel Rigdon-Bel & Mary Pasch  communications@westwoodlandpta.org
Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) Darci Aeder & Danny Rees face@westwoodlandpta.org

Race and Equity Liaison Julianna Rigg-Hillard & Erika Novak raceandequity@westwoodlandpta.org
Principal Dr. Kelly Vancil
Teacher Representative Paula Wittmann
Kids Inc. Representative Open Position

2023-2024 Non-PTA Position Holders:
Annual Appeal Fundraising Jenna Boitano annualappeal@westwoodlandpta.org

Spring Fundraising Courtney Keen & Sarah Mundal fundraising@westwoodlandpta.org

Yearbook Brittany Hague yearbook@westwoodlandpta.org

Room Rep Coordinator Jennifer Maguire roomrep@westwoodlandpta.org

Lost and Found lostandfound@westwoodlandpta.org

Talent Show talentshow@westwoodlandpta.org

New Families Coordinator newfamilies@westwoodlandpta.org

Choir choir@westwoodlandpta.org