West Woodland Elementary

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Website & Weekly Newsletter Posting Guidelines

Communication Event Posting Information

To Promote an Announcement or Event

Examples: Chess Registration is now open, Field day is coming soon, Choir Performance on <Date>, We need volunteers for <Event>

  • Email the information to our Web Producer, Sean Fear, at webmaster.wwpta@gmail.com & our School Secretary, Disney Bayot at dnbayot@seattleschools.org.  (~600 characters or less). This will get posted on the website.
  • Include a <50 character headline for the weekly newsletter. This will be posted in the Wildcat Chatnewsletter, and will be used to link to your announcement or event.
  • Specify dates for when to post and when to pull down from the site.
  • Send your information at least 3 days in advance of needing it to be live on the site
  • Deadline for being included in the next Sunday’s Chat is Thursday at noon. If you miss the deadline your content will likely go on the site within a day or two, but it will be promoted in the newsletter until the following week.

To Post Other Content to the Website (beyond an announcement)

Examples: All the info for Chess/Choir (dates, times, parent agreements, reg forms). Annual Appeal, Gala, School Tours, Info for New families, Traffic, Safety

  • Email the information to our Web Producer, Sean Fear, at  webmaster.wwpta@gmail.com & our School Secretary, Disney Bayot at  dnbayot@seattleschools.org.
  • Do not spend a lot of time formatting because the formatting has to be redone according to site standards
  • Send new content by email or in a word doc. Do not send PDFs.
  • If you are replacing existing content, please identify what is changing vs. sending all new content. (Easiest: Mark edits on a printed page and leave in the web producer box in office, or send a photo)
  • Include any relevant links to current content (Where do you think this content should go on the existing site: Events page? Student Life? Resources?)
  • Please allow 1 week to get your content posted. 

For other ways to promote your information, including social media options: Check out the  Communications page.

Questions or ideas?

We are working hard to make the website the most-up-date place to get info about West Woodland. If there is some information you’d like to see, have suggestions, questions or comments about the site, or notice any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean Fear at webmaster.wwpta@gmail.com