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    West Woodland Robotics

    Instructors: Aaron Prestegard & Steve Sorensen

    There will be three courses per year:

    Fall:                        September 18th to November 13th

    Winter:                 January 8th to March 12th (During Mid-Winter Break 2/19, no Class)   Girls Only

    Spring:                  April 23rd to June 18th

    Fees for the program will be $60 and go to the WWPTA (scholarships are available from WWPTA)

    Fall quarter has already started. Winter quarter applications will go live in December. The winter quarter will be a special class and only open to girls. Our hope is to get more girls into technology and programming. We will except 6 pairs (12 students). More information available Below: 
    The new robotics program for Winter is a girls only program and will start on January 8th and end on March 12th. Classes will be held in the computer lab every Tuesday from 2:30 – 4:30 after school. The class will meet for 9 weeks and end with a family night to show off the student’s work. Students will apply in pairs and work together during the program. Partners do not need to submit their applications together, but do need to have their partner’s name on each form. Applicants need to be in third grade or higher to apply. There is a $60 fee for each student, payable to WWPTA. Fee will be collected on the first day of class. Students are required to prepare for each class and some homework will be assigned.
    This application ends on Dec. 18th @ 11:30 PM. I will send an Email out to all families letting you know the status of your application on December  20th.  Thank you for applying to the West Woodland Robotics Program.


    We are receiving more applications than there are spaces.
    Priority will go to the highest grade level. All other spaces will be judged by your application answers and
    teacher evaluation.

    I have increased the number of students in the class
    From 12 to 14 (7 Pairs)


    Link to application


    This application ends on Dec. 18th @ 11:30 PM
    I will send an Email out to all families letting you know the status of your application on December  20th.

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