West Woodland Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Policies

Parent and Student Policy on Before and After School Enrichment classes
WW PTA, September 2016

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in any before and after school enrichment classes, parents and students must have read and agree to the terms in this policy. This document is prepared to help maintain the optimal learning environment for all children.

Before-school drop off policy: For before-school activities, parents/caregivers are responsible for taking their student to the class location and signing in with the club instructor on the attendance sheet before leaving the classroom. Parents who want to set up alternate drop-off arrangements (e.g., student walks to school), should tell instructor directly.

Code of conduct: Students are expected to maintain the same behavioral standard that they would have during the formal school day. If a student is disruptive and prevents the instructor from conducting class or leaves the classroom without the instructor’s permission, a warning will be given to the student and a written notice will be sent home. After two such occurrences, the parents, the club instructor, and Enrichment coordinator shall formally meet to discuss measures and find solutions to such problems. Should the problem continue, the student will be withdrawn from the class without tuition refund.

Transition time from before-school activities to school day: Following before-school classes, Enrichment instructors are responsible for directing students to go straight to their classrooms once the first morning bell rings.

Transition time from school day to after-school activities:  After school, all classroom teachers will remind their students to go to the lunchroom to check in for their after-school activity. The instructor will meet them in the lunchroom. Kindergarten students will be escorted to the lunchroom.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given up to a week before the first session date. Class funds are transferred from the PTA to the individual vendors a week before the first session date. At this point, refunds must be requested from the individual vendors and are subject to the individual vendor's refund policy.

Privacy Policy: West Woodland PTA will only collect and use your personal information in order to facilitate the smooth transition to your student's after school class and to ensure the safety of your student.  We only share your personal information with school staff, your individual vendor, and the PTA Enrichment program staff. Any privacy concerns should be directed to wwdenrichment@gmail.com

After-school attendance: Parents are responsible for reminding their children of after-school activities and for notifying their children’s classroom teacher about an after-school activity. If your child will be absent from an after school activity, parent must notify the Enrichment coordinator at  wwdenrichment@gmail.com and activity provider as soon as possible and before the activity start time. Three unexcused absences from after-school classes without notification will result in the student being withdrawn from the class without tuition refund.

Transition time from after-school activities to Kids Inc: Students who go to Kids Inc after their afternoon classes must remain in the classroom with the class instructor until all other children have been picked up by their parents/caregivers. The class instructor will then escort the students to Kids Inc.

After-school pick up policy: For after-school activities, parents are expected to arrive on time at the class location. Parents who want to set up alternate pickup arrangements should do this directly with the instructor. Parents or other approved caregivers should check out with their Enrichment teacher prior to leaving with the student. Parents who want to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns should email the instructors in advance to set up a pre-approved time after class or another agreeable time. This allows our vendors to plan accordingly for a late departure. In the event of a late pick up, parents should contact the activity provider directly as soon as possible. If parents are more than 5 minutes late repeatedly (3 times), activity providers may assess charges or terminate enrollment without tuition refund.

Parent observation: Parents are welcome to observe classes. However, parents should not interfere with the instruction and learning. To minimize class disruption, parents should communicate with the class instructors beforehand regarding when (e.g., the first half of a class) and where is the best time and place for observation. If the parent’s presence is a distraction to the class the instructor may ask the parent to leave.

Concerns and feedback: Parents are encouraged to communicate or give feedback to the class instructor. When issues arise, parents should directly work with the instructor or vendor, outside of the class, as much as possible. If issues cannot be resolved after direct communication with the instructor/vendor, parents should contact the Enrichment coordinator at wwdenrichment@gmail.com.

Health Concerns & Allergies: Parents of students with health concerns, including severe allergies are responsible for notifying the activity instructor/vendor in order to develop a formal health concern plan.