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    Volunteer at West Woodland! We need you!

    Volunteers are the reason West Woodland has so many fantastic events, activities and strong classroom support! Volunteering helps create a wonderful, tight-knit community for our kids and is a great way to get to know the families, teachers and staff at West Woodland.  We need volunteers of all kinds - from people who are willing to lead big events to people who want to take on support roles, people who want to do small projects at home to people who want to show up the day of and lend a hand.  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nannies – everyone is welcome!  

    Learn more about How to Volunteer at West Woodland

    Tell us more about how you'd like to volunteer - Take the Volunteer Interest Survey 

    Volunteer Opportunities
    There are volunteering opportunities to fit whatever type of volunteer you want to be. Many things can be done at home in the evenings or weekends. Some opportunities are just one-time commitments, or take just a few minutes per week....others allow you to lead projects or plan events.  We can work around your schedule and interests. 

    If you find an opportunity you are interested in, contact the person listed to find out more. Not sure where you fit or who to contact? Contact our volunteer Brandi Mattila at

    Interested in
    volunteering in your child's classroom?

    Please contact
    the teacher directly.



    Graduation-5th Grade Family Picnic

    Will you be a 5th grade parent? Help organize a picnic for all the 5th grade families on the eve of graduation

    All-Family Potluck

    Organize a potluck on a Friday evening in September to welcome new families and reconnect with old friends. The potlucks are held on the blacktop out back of school (weather permitting) or school lunchroom.

    All-Family Socials

    Help organize various socials for parents or all families!

    All-Moms Social

    Organize an all-moms social event in the Fall! In the past, this was the first weekend of school

    Annual Appeal Committee

    Join the Annual Appeal team and help the PTA raise money to support our school programs

    Annual Appeal Treasurer

    Help Manage the funds from the annual appeal. Quickbooks/Accounting experience a plus!

    Art Docent

    Anyone can do this! Conduct 1 hour, monthly (or more) lessons teaching basic principles and elements of art while introducing art masterpieces. Work with your child's teacher and other art docents to enrich class curriculum and foster creativity. Plus it is FUN.

    Art Docent Coordinator

    Organize & manage our classroom art docents

    Arts Friday Coordinator

    Help organize our Arts Friday program and volunteer to help the teachers on Fridays. Every child will spend one half of the year in music and the other half in art.

    Bike Rodeo

    West Woodland's Bike Rodeo occurs on the 1st Sunday in May of each year and is a perfect way to kick off Bike to School Month

    Bike to School

    May is Bike-to-School Month and is designed as a fun event to encourage bicycle commuting and mentor new riders. West Woodland's Bike Rodeo occurs on the 1st Sunday in May of each year and is a perfect way to kick off Bike to School Month. Volunteers needed to act as bike fairies and help out with the bike rodeo.


    Celebrate the end of the school year at BLAST - an all school BBQ and potluck. Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the event, work the grill, set up, monitor food levels, lead activities and clean up.

    Book Fair

    The Library turns into a small book shop with books for sale for a week usually in the fall and spring.

    Bulletin Board Coordinator

    Help keep our bulletin board next to the salmon fish tank up to date with important volunteer information and community and WW news and events!

    Cafeteria/Playground Support

    Help out in the lunchroom and on the playground

    Chess Club

    Help run our Chess Club!


    Help run our Choir program!

    Classroom Support

    Talk to your student's teacher! Find out what help they need in the classrooom (reading, math, writing, etc.)

    Copy Program

    Looking to help West Woodland set up a new program to assist our staff and teachers? We are looking to establish a copy program to assist teachers and staff with their copying needs. Lead and volunteers come in once a week to help with projects teachers have dropped off in the copy room during the week.


    Collect parent & student information at TCB Day and first few weeks of school for our school directory

    Emergency Kit Coordinator

    Annual update of teacher emergency backpacks; Annual update of school emergency kits and supplies; Attend monthly Safety Committee meetings

    Enrichment Activities Coordinator

    Find and implement enrichment activities to offer at our school (sewing, language classes, pokemon clubs, jewelry making, computer game programming, theater programs, etc).

    Enrichment Assistant

    Be an Enrichment Assistant and receive a free class! We need five Enrichment Assistants each quarter to check attendance at after school enrichment classes. This is a very easy job that only takes 10 to 15 minutes after school. You pick the quarter (Fall, Winter, or Spring) and the day of the week.

    Family Heritage Potluck (formerly International Potluck)

    This is an evening family event in February where you can share in the food and culture of our community's heritage. International music and dance groups perform and Kindergarteners are invited on stage to parade their Heritage floats.

    Family Movie Nights

    Watch a movie in the cafeteria on the big screen with your friends. These are held a few times through the school year.

    Field Day

    Field Day is a near end of school year afternoon of outdoor games and activities for all students at West Woodland. This event is organized by the PE teacher. Volunteer needed to recruit helpers for day-of event

    Food Bank

    Organize food drives at West Woodland! Or coat drives, etc.!

    Front Office Support

    Help the front office w/ various tasks (copying, answering phones, etc.)

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Oversee the Annual Appeal, GALA and "Shop for West Woodland" Fundraising activities


    The GALA is a Spring fundraising & celebration event sponsored by the West Woodland PTA. Volunteers help with event planning, community communication, soliciting donations, set up, clean up and fundraising.

    Classroom Garden Docent

    Offer to help a classroom with their garden space! Help coordinate volunteers interested in helping their classroom learn and work in West Woodland's garden space!

    Graphic Designer

    Help with graphic design projects such as the yearbook and all-school directory. Lead other graphic design projects and lend graphic design skills and support to PTA as needed.

    Graduation (5th Grade)

    A 5th Grade Promotion "Moving On" Ceremony is held in the lunchroom / gym for 5th graders who are moving on to middle school.

    Grant Writing

    Research funding opportunities available for elementary school education and present promising funding mechanisms to the West Woodland PTA. Work with PTA members to write and submit applications to funding agencies, including budgeting details, obtaining letters of support, and ensuring adherence to regulations and application guidelines. Follow-up with agencies when grants are not funded to learn how applications might be improved.

    Instructional Support Volunteer

    Help students with math, handwriting, reading, etc. Inquire with Tami Beach to see what is available

    Kindergarten and New Student Ice Cream Social

    Future fall kindergarten and new students visit West Woodland to meet the kindergarten teachers and their future classmates! Ice cream is served and kindergartners pariticpate in fun activities with the kindergarten teachers. Volunteers are needed to help invite incoming families, assemble information packets, serve ice cream, set up, during event and clean up.

    Kindergarten Tea

    Help welcome new families to West Woodland! responsibilities range from emailing a sign-up sheet to parents to bring in baked goods; bring in baked goods; make coffee & tea and set up tables; clean up after the event.

    Kindergarten Tiles (Classroom)

    Your child makes a lasting impression on our school through this special tile project! Veteran West Woodland parents assist kindergarten parents in helping their child create an art tile that decorates the walls of West Woodland in April/May of each year

    Kindergarten Tiles (Firing/Mounting)

    Help glaze, fire and mount the Kindergarten tiles each year.

    Library Support

    Help our librarian shelve books, etc.


    Order logowear / sell logowear at key events (TCB Day, BLAST)

    Mariners Family Night

    Organize a family day at Safeco Field for West Woodland families

    Math Night

    Students and teachers show parents what they are learning about math at school. Help with set up and clean up.

    Monthly Coffee Coordinator

    Help coordinate monthy coffees and snacks for parents after student drop off during the school year

    Music Docent

    Similar to the Art Docent program: Music training is not required. There are lesson plans and scripts available for volunteers to lead 20-30 minute music lesson for a classroom each month. Classical music is used as a base, but lessons will vary depending the docent's knowledge.

    New-Dads / All Dads Social

    Help organize a social event for new dads or all dads at the school

    New-Moms Social

    Help organize a social event for new moms at the school!

    Nurse's Office

    Help organize health records at the beginning of year / help w/ other tasks

    Shop for West Woodland

    Manage our passive fundraising. This includes collecting, tallying, and submitting Ballard Market Receipts and Box-Tops from WW families and depositing rewards in our PTA bank account. Also includes making sure we are utilizing other programs (Fred Meyer Rewards, Amazon Smile, etc.)

    PTA Board

    A variety of positions available to help enrich the educational experience for all students. Help increase engagement among students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators of West Woodland Elementary School.Learn more about Board Positions

    Facebook (PTA Page)

    Be our Facebook administrator. Post event updates and important WW news to our PTA Facebook page (role designated for PTA president and VP of communications)

    Recorder Program (3rd Grade)

    Help organize the 3rd grade recorder program; collect checks for recorders, pay teacher

    Room Representative / Room Representative Coordinator

    Assist teachers with organizing and recruiting other classroom parents for special events, class prep, parties, field trips, staff appreciation, and science kits. Forward important communications from school and PTA along to your class. Act as an important communication link between other parents in the classroom.. Much of it can be done from home. Speak with your child's teacher if you are interested.

    Salmon Project

    Help Mr. McGowan clean the fish tank, replinish with salmon eggs, and release the salmon to puget sound

    School Garden Work Party

    Help nurture our Native Northwest Plants by identifying and caring for the beautiful greenery surrounding our school grounds. Participate in two major work party events held at school in the fall and the spring. A great chance to get your hands dirty and build community. There is nothing like the smell of mulch on an early morning.

    School Photos

    School photos are taken on Taking Care of Business Day. Volunteers are needed to organize and assist. Retakes occur during the fall.

    School Tours

    Families interested in West Woodland are invited to an open house/school tour where they can learn about West Woodland's programs and facilities. Typically one tour is during the day and another in the evening. We are looking for volunteers to help lead tours.

    Science Night

    Students display Science projects completed at home and school. Volunteers help with event coordination, community communication, set up and clean up.

    Seattle Kids Marathon

    Students are encouraged to participate in the Seattle Kids marathon in November. The PE teacher promotes running during recess that counts toward Marathon completion. Help count laps at recess.

    Staff Appreciation Lunches

    Organize monthly lunches for the staff. Each month, a different grade hosts a lunch (potluck style)

    Staff Appreciation Week

    Teacher & staff appreciation week takes place the first week of May each year and is an opportunity for families and students to do something special for West Woodland staff to thank them for all they do. Suggested activities are organized by the staff appreciation coordinator.

    Talent Show

    The talent show has been one of the highlights of the school year. This is an evening where you can come see our students share their talents, including a stage show, student Lego Expo, and Art Gallery. It also includes a wonderful staff performance! Help with our talent show efforts by organizing participants, coordinating rehearsals, leading the MCs, set up, concessions and much more!

    TCB Day Committee

    Help the volunteer coordinators with TCB Day! Help stuff packets the week before or come to the school and help set up, help greet families, help organize paperwork, or clean up on the day of the event. Pick a time slot!

    Volunteer Coordinator Helper

    Be a helper to our VCs for various tasks!!

    Wacky Wednesday Workshops

    Organize or assist bringing fun activities and special classes to our school on the 2-hour early dismissal days.

    Walk and Wheel Month

    October is Walk and Wheel month, where we encourage our students to walk, bus, bike or scooter to school, to promote healthy / green ways of getting to and from school.

    Website Committee / Web Producer

    Help keep our website updated. Perform daily, weekly and monthly updates

    Wildcat Giving

    Help West Woodland and our community families in need by helping to organize the donation and collection of gifts and donations.

    WW Parent Yahoo Group

    Manage the WW parent yahoo group (review/accept members, monitor content)


    Help produce the annual yearbook (layout, photography, journalism, advertising sales, printing coordinator, etc.). The yearbook is a reflection of culture and spirit of the school year, and a keepsake for students and their families to treasure for years to come. We need a team of people to make this happen! It works best to start collecting yearbook information and photos early in the year so production in May is a breeze.