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    There are simple ways to turn your routine purchases into donations to our school. We call it "Shopping for West Woodland"!  Corporations will donate a percentage of your purchase to West Woodland.  Confused? No need to be, see the directions below.

    Ballard Market Receipts

    Ballard Market will donate 1% of each receipt total to the school. If you shop at Ballard Market, just save your receipts and deposit them in the box located near the front doors of the building by the elevator.

    Helpful hints:

    • We only get money from Ballard Market, not Central Market
    • Lie receipts flat and rubberband them together; don't fold or crumple

    Amazon Smile

    Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile has the same products, prices, and service as regular Support West Woodland by starting your shopping at When you go to the website, they ask you to choose your charity. Search for "West Woodland PTA" and designate it as your charity. It's as easy as that.

    Helpful hint:

    • When buying something on Amazon, make sure you go through the AmazonSmile website, instead of the regular site. Your donation makes a difference!

    Fred Meyer Rewards

    Do you use your rewards card every time you shop at Fred Meyer?  Now using your rewards card can mean a donation to our school!  Fred Meyer donates $2.5 million annually through their Community Rewards program.  Sign up at:  At their website, you can apply for a rewards card.  If you already have one, you can link your rewards card to charitable giving. We have enrolled our nonprofit entity under the name "West Woodland PTA".

    Helpful hints:

    • From the website, click on Fred Meyer Rewards
    • Sign into your account or create a new account
    • Click bottom right on Community Rewards
    • At "Find Your Organization" type in "West Woodland PTA"
    • Choose "West Woodland PTA"
    • Go to the bottom of the page and save your choice

    General Mills Box Tops for Education

    General Mills Box Tops donates 10 cents per label.  If you purchase products with a Box Top for Education, just cut out the Box Tops and deposit them in the box located near the front doors of the building by the elevator. For a complete list of products go to  At the website, click on "Box Tops Products" on the lower right side.

    Helpful Hints:

    • Cut out along dotted lines (it doesn't have to be perfect, but please trim)
    • Make sure that coupons are NOT expired
    • Bonus points if you group them in baggies/envelopes of 10, 25 or 50 each (marked accordingly)