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    West Woodland Playground Rules


    • Respect Equipment:
      • No sitting on balls, they deflate easily
      • Jump ropes are only for jump rope games, please do not tie them to trees, fences, or friends
    • Follow Play Structure Rules:
      • No jumping from high places
      • No sitting on top of mushroom or other high places on the play structure
      • Make sure the mushroom is at the safest speed for the youngest players
      • Take turns on the bars
      • No climbing up the curly slide
    • Wheels:
      • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and roller skates are not allowed on the upper black top between 7:35 and 2:30


    • Once the bell rings:
      • No running on upper blacktop
      • Ball games stop immediately
    • Do not play chase games on the play structure or in the wood chip area

    Get a Yellow Jacket When

    • Someone is hurt
    • When someone keeps breaking a rule even after they have been asked to stop
    • If a ball goes over the fence

    Take Turns and Ask Others to Play

    • Be inclusive, ask others to join you
    • Practice good sportsmanship
    • Use Rock, Paper, Scissors OR Redo to solve disputes

    When the End of Recess Bell Rings

    • Immediately stop playing – balls on the ground
    • Walk quickly without running to your assigned line-up spot
    • Keep your hands to yourself in line
    • Keep one body space between each other