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    Q. Where will the Gala be this year?
    A. Leif Erikson Lodge, 2245 NW 57th St. Seattle, WA 98107

    Q. What date / time is the Gala?
    A.Saturday, April 27th,2019 7:00 pm–11:00 pm

    Q. What type of Food will be available?
    A. We will have appetizers during the event and TOP POT DONUTS providing dessert and coffee. The cost of food is included in your ticket.

    Q. What types of Drinks will be available?
    A. We are fortunate to have REUBEN’S providing beer at our Gala. We will also offer a choice of red and white wine, complements of the Liedholm family. All beer and wine are included in your ticket. We will also have a signature cocktail (or two), which will be available for a drink ticket. Drink Tickets will be sold at the registration table at the event for $5/each or 5 for $20.

    Q. Are Food & Drink Free (included in the ticket price)?
    A. Yes & No. There will be plenty of free delicious appetizers and desserts served at the Gala! Beer, wine, bottled water & coffee is also is included with the price of your ticket. However, the cost of cocktails will be $5. Drink tickets will be available the night of the event at the registration table.

    Q. Will there be entertainment?
    A. Yes! Superheroes and villains alike, know how to move! Bring your best SUPERfeet and dance the night away to DJ Vinny’s best mix.

    Q. What should I wear?
    A. Whether you’re a superhero or a supervillain, or choose to show up at your secret identity, wear what you want to be comfortable and to have fun! Anything goes!

    Q. Is there parking?
    A. There is plenty of street parking around the Leif Erikson Lodge, but we also encourage you to consider taking a cab, using Uber/Lift or carpooling with a designated driver. There will be plenty of fun to be had at the Gala and we want to make sure everyone stays safe!

    Q. Are children invited?
    A. The Gala is an adult-only event. No one under 21 will be allowed to attend the event.

    Q. Is childcare provided?
    A. To support our community and to ensure we have a great, worry-free time, Kids Inc. is offering childcare for children 3 years and older (potty trained) the night of the Gala. A movie, snacks (not dinner), & activities will be provided from 6:30-11:00PM for $35/child. Space is available on a first come, first served basis. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to event or all charges will still apply. Please call or email to reserve your spot. Registration is open. Call or email now.

    Kid's, Inc. | 206-783-8185 |

    Q. What exactly is the Gala and what type of fundraising will happen?
    A. West Woodland’s Annual Spring Fundraiser (aka. the Gala) is a fun celebration organized each year to bring our West Woodland community together. In addition to being a fabulous party, this event is a FUNDRAISER! We will be raising the remaining $40,000 needed to meet our 2018/2019 PTA budget obligation. During the evening you will have lots of opportunities to consider a donation. You will have an opportunity to bid on silent auction lots, buy raffle tickets, pick up bracelets and rings to support social/emotional learning and teacher support. So, bring your checkbooks, credit card, or phone - you can can even Venmo us! Show us your superpower and donate in appreciation of our terrific school!

    Q. Can I donate at the Gala, instead of online when I buy my ticket?
    A. Yes, there will be multiple opportunities for you to show us your superpower and donate at the event. Be sure to check out our silent auction, raffle opportunities, experiences and other fun ways we’re raising money.

    Q. What form of payment do you accept?
    A. Checks are preferred, but credit cards and cash will also be accepted. Electronic payment your thing? No problem, payment can be made through Venmo too!

    Q. Do you accept corporate matching?
    A. Yes, we accept (and encourage pursuit of) corporate matches. To do so, your company will most likely need some tax information. Please check out our Corporate Matching page for more information.

    Q. Where can I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
    A. Yes, your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Please send a request for receipt to Please note: Ticket costs are not deductible, only donation amounts given beyond the ticket prices are deductible. For auction items, only the difference between value and amount paid is tax deductible.

    Q. I still have questions about the event. Who do I contact?
    A. You can send an email to the gala team at