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    Remote Learning 2020-2021 school year

    Per student Quantities:
    (Quantity in parenthesis)
    • (3) pocket folders (for reading, writing, math/science) to store work in progress
    • (2) 4-packs dry erase markers (thin tip) – 1 pack all black, 1 pack various colors (ex. blue, red and/or green)
    • (1) pack of pencils and pencil sharpener (if needed)
    • (2) erasers
    • (4) glue sticks
    • (1) box broad tip Crayola colored markers
    • (1) box thin tip Crayola colored markers
    • (1) pack crayons- your child’s preferred thickness
    • (1) Clipboard
    • (1) watercolor paint set and brush(es)
    • (1) container (box, caddy, shoebox, large bag) to store school materials
    • (1) zippered pencil/pen pouch (or Ziplock baggie)
    • Optional, but recommended for children sharing a space with others: Headphones with microphone (must be compatible with device) **Stay tuned for recommendations regarding which types of headphones/microphones would be compatible with iPads/ student devices (styles that could work for the student to listen through headphones and also be able to be heard by the device’s speaker when talking)
    • Optional idea: (1) trifold cardboard presentation board (ex. kind used in a science fair) *See photo example below of ways to use this as a foldable/ portable “learning station” with space to display ABC chart, number chart, calendar, etc…

    Kinder example work station