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    Volunteering Requirements
    We know you are excited to get started, but here are a few things you need to do before volunteering at West Woodland:

    NOTE: If you are unable to download any of the forms below, you can pick up hard copies in the front office.
    ❑ Complete a WATCH background check (Mandatory for all volunteers)
    This form is mandatory for all volunteers and must be completed each year. Please fill it out and return it to the office before your first volunteering engagement. 

    Download WATCH Background Check Form

    ❑ Complete the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Course (Mandatory for all volunteers)
    Seattle Public Schools has a new requirement that all school volunteers complete an online course on Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention and sign off on the online volunteer handbook. Existing volunteers must view the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention video and complete the online course as soon as possible. Please note that this course will take 25 minutes to complete but you are only required to take this course once!  Here are the 3 steps:  
    1. Take the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention course at
    2. After course completion, you will be instructed to sign the online volunteer handbook and click “Submit”.
    3. You will be instructed to enter your name for the online certificate. After entering your name, save or print the online certificate and keep it for your records.
    Take the Adult Sexual Misconduct Course

    ❑ Sign in/Make a Name Tag (Mandatory for all volunteers)
    Every time you come in to volunteer (whether you volunteering at the school or on a field trip at the front office and make a name tag. Besides helping the school know how many volunteer hours we rely on each year, this is a security and safety measure. We need to know to come looking for you if the building is evacuated.  The volunteer sign-in binder is on the counter to the left as you enter the front office. 

     Complete a Field Trip Chaperone Form and/or Volunteer Driver form (optional)
    You need to complete this if you are chaperoning a walking/bus field trip or if you have signed up to be a driver on a field trip.
    Download the Volunteer Driver Checklist