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    West Woodland Robotics

    Instructors: Aaron Prestegard & Steve Sorensen

    Sorry the Robotics Program is full for Fall Quarter.
    There will be two more classes this year.
    Our next  program will be an All girl class
    Starting January 8th.
    Look for the announcements before winter break.
    and Spring Quarter starting April 23rd. open to all students 3rd grade and higher.

     New Robotics program starting in September.

    Our Robotics Program is going through a few changes this year. We are no longer associated with First Lego League and will not be competing in the annual challenge. Our goal is to give more students the opportunity to work with Lego Mindstorms Kits and receive some basic experience to understand what is involved when working with autonomous robots. If students are interested in joining a FLL team, we can help move them into more complicated programming and building technics required for competition. Our focus will be on basic building and programming with Lego Mindstorms Robotics. Most of the classwork will be incorporating; paired programming, where students will work together to solve fundamental programming units and trade off using the computer in a driver/navigator style. Students will apply to the program in teams of two and stay together the duration of the course. There will be home work that needs to be completed every week to prepare for the next class. Homework consists of watching instructional videos, worksheets and taking notes. The West Woodland computer lab will be open at 7:30AM every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for supervised study and can be used to complete homework if needed. Classes will be held after school on Tuesdays, meeting in the computer lab for two hours from 2:35 to 4:35 every week. After eight weeks of instructional classes, there will be a “Show and Tell Project Night” to present their final project to family and friends. Because of limited resources, classes will be capped at 12 students, (6 pairs). Students need to be in third grade or higher to apply. There will be three courses per year:

    Fall:                        September 18th to November 13th

    Winter:                 January 8th to March 12th (During Mid-Winter Break 2/19, no Class)

    Spring:                  April 23rd to June 18th

    Fees for the program will be $60 and go to the WWPTA (scholarships are available from WWPTA)

    Winter quarter applications will go live in December. The winter quarter will be a special class and only open to girls. Our hope is to get more girls into technology and programming. We will except 6 pairs (12 students). More information will be available in early December 2018. 

    Applications will be available online or a hard copy can be obtained from outside the computer lab door. 

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