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    West Woodland Robotics

    Instructors: Aaron Prestegard, Jon Osborne
    & Steve Sorensen


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    Steve Sorensen
    Aaron Prestegard
    Jon Osborne

    Wildcat Robotics Class

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    STEMRobotics 101
     TechEd LLC
    Gears Lego Engineering - EV3 Tutorial

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    Weekly Agendas
    and Homework




    Jan. 8th



    Homework due: Jan. 15th

    Watch 3 Videos from STEMcentric Website

    EV3 Introductions  (18 min.)
    More Action Blocks (8:40 min.)
    Loops (2:21 min.)

    Read Sensor descriptions from Lego Engineering:
    EV3 Sensors  (Quiz next week)

    Click on the blue links above



    Jan. 15th

    Sensor Quiz
    Build Simple Robot
    Basic Programming

    Homework Due: Jan.22nd

    Download Lego Software

    Watch 3 Videos from STEMcentric Website

    Wait Blocks  (5:02 min.)
    Light Sensors (12:07 min.)
    Switch Basics (3:44 min.)

    Jan. 22nd

    Team posters and labels

    Finish Building Robots
    Program Challenges

    Homework Due: Jan.29th

    Websites to Explore
    Robot Square

    Unofficial Guide

    Lego Engineering



    Lego Learn to Program

    Line Follower

    Line Follower Part 2

    Next Step


    Here is more information about the First Lego League and Lego Software
    FLL Website Software Download

    SUMO Websites
    DrGraeme Mentor Notes

    Official Lego SUMO
    Sumo Tutorial

    Mini Sumo Bot

    WWD SUMO Rules