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    Purpose Statement

    West Woodland Library's mission is to provide a hub for the school community of students, staff, and families that will:

    • Enable students to gain the skills to be effective users of ideas and information
    • Foster an appreciation for literature, reading, and libraries
    • Allow and encourage access to many forms of information
    • Support school staff in planning and teaching the curriculum

    The West Woodland Library serves the students, staff, daycare, and families of West Woodland.

    Welcome to the new Year!

    Please encourage your child to use the library.  Ask them what they checked out, help them bring books back in a timely manner, and of course read with them and set up time for them to read to themselves.

    Class check out times are as follows:

    Monday - rooms 205, 204, HW2, and HW4
    Tuesday - rooms 208, 103, HW3, 104, 101 and HW1
    Wednesday - rooms 212, 211, HW7, HW6 and 210
    Thursday - rooms 106, 201, 105, 102, and 107
    Friday - rooms 206, 108 and 202

    Materials are checked for three weeks.  Please return promptly or renew check outs if they are still actively being used.

    # of check outs by grade
    K - 2 items, 1st -4 items, 2nd-5th - 5 items

    Volunteer Opportunities

    West Woodland library circulates more than 40,000 items yearly, and receives hundreds of new books and other materials.  This adds up to a lot of work!  Ms. Wittmann is always looking for volunteers for these tasks.

    • Shelving and Tidying - the easiest and most needed form of help.  You can schedule a regular day to help, or just drop in and shelve or organize a shelf for a few minutes when you are in the building.
    • Special Projects - If you'd rather help by coming in once and a while to do something else this is a choice as well.  You could stamp or cover new materials, help with signs, or help organize the library.
    • Book Fair - Twice a year there is a book fair and volunteers are needed to help cashier, and organize.  If you haven't done this before this is a great way to get involved occasionally.

    If you are interested in any of these please drop by the library, email, or call 252-1581.



    Library Catalog
    Online Student Resources

    Contact Info

    Librarian: Paula Wittmann
    Phone: 206-252-1581
    Main Office: 206-252-1600


    Daily 7:40 - 2:40