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    West Woodland PTA Board

    The West Woodland PTA Board meets monthly, and all PTA members are welcome to attend. For a schedule of upcoming meeting times, please check the School Calendar. Position descriptions and estimated time commitments are listed in the table below. If you are interested in joining the PTA board, please attend an upcoming meeting, and let your interest be known. We welcome your contribution!

    2019-2020 Position Holders:
    Presidents Tammy Watts & Brandi Mattila
    Treasurers Kevin Bingham & Emilie Ewart
    Secretaries Dayna Dealy & Brittany Hague
    Volunteer Coordinators Brandi Mattila & Eliza Lagerquist
    Enrichment Coordinator Elise Knox
    Arts Coordinator Jenna Boitano
    Fundraising Tami Horner & Jaimi Bergh
    Legislative Liaison Chris Busiel & Pete Looney
    Membership Coordinator Liz Mazzarella & Hilary Mohr
    Web Producer Sean Fear
    Special Ed Liaisons Marianne Bryan & Lynn Dixon
    Principal Farah Thaxton
    Teacher Representative Paula Wittmann & Heidi Nielson
    Kids Inc. Representative Onjolie Khan

    Position Descriptions & Time Commitment

    Position Title Description Time Commitment
    President Develop agendas and moderate the monthly PTA board meetings, attend bi-weekly meetings with the school principal to discuss pertinent school issues, coordinate with fundraising committees and other all-school committee, lead PTA general meetings, develop surveys to elicit feedback from membership

    4 hours per week

    Treasurer Perform weekly duties, including deposits, writing checks for reimbursements, budget development, monthly reconciliations, etc. 4 hours per week

    Develop meeting minutes at each PTA board meeting and send out to board members

    4 hours per month

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Coordinate school fundraising activities with fundraising teams; Report fundraising updates and results at monthly board meetings

    Dependent on fundraising model; typically 4 hours per week in the Fall (Sept/Oct); 4 hours per week in the Spring (Mar/Apr); monthly meetings

    Legislative Liaison

    Attend SPS legislative meetings and report findings to PTA board and school principal

    monthly meetings, other commitment determined by projects as needed

    Advisory Council Meet monthly with Principal, teachers & other key community members to discuss issues important to West Woodland monthly meetings, other commitments determined by projects as needed

    Membership Chair

    Edit & distribute PTA membership form to families; Collect PTA membership forms and checks (mostly at TCB day and during September). Enter information into state database and deposit checks in PTA bank account. Coordinate volunteer & teacher awards at the end of the year

    3 hours per week in September (and TCB day), then tapers off to 1 hr/mo

    VP Communications

    Develop protocols for communicating events, activties, volunteering and other news across our modes of communication: website, SNEAKS, room rep emails, bulletin board, take-home flyers, all-family emails, ROBO Calls, etc.

    4 hours per week

    Volunteer Coordinator Act as liason between the school & PTA. Coordinate volunteer programs, needs & recruitment. 10 hours per week (stipend given for this "SPS employed" position)

    Enrichment Coordinator

    Oversee  policies and procedures related to before and after school PTA-sponsored activities, including: Wacky Wednesdays, Extra-Curricular Classes, Events, etc


    Arts Friday Coordinator

    Organize the 100% PTA-funded Arts Friday program. Assist the teachers with students on Arts Fridays, gather supplies, and communicate with West Woodland staff, Arts Friday teachers, and the PTA Board about the program. 

    5 hours a week

    Web Producer

    Manage day-to-day execution, structure and function of the West Woodland school website. Train & support users. Maintain district standards & best practices

    5-10 hours a week (stipend given for this "SPS employed" position)

    Safety Committee Parents on the Safety Committee represent the interests and concerns of families at West Woodland.  In the broadest sense – everything has a safety aspect.  The parent representatives (up to 3) work with school administrators, teachers, staff and Kids Inc to ensure a safe and well community 1 hr per month + TCB Day