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    Getting to West Woodland is easy and safe if you follow these recommendations:



    • Where to park your bike (coming soon)
    • When/Where you can ride on school grounds (coming soon)
    • Bike to school month


    • Traffic Flow for Drop off/Pick up
    • Where to Park

    Riding the Bus

    If your child will be riding the bus to or from another student’s home who regularly takes the bus, they must have a green bus card. The office staff needs written permission from a guardian to issue a Bus Green Card. Students without written permission will be sent home as usual. Green cards are issued in the office.

    Check out these additional resources to help you walk, ride or bus to school:

    Walking School Bus Routes for West Woodland 2016/2017Walking school buses are a safe and fun way to get to school on foot. They can be just a few students and parents who walk occasionally, or more structured groups that walk every day with set schedules for parent walkers. Check out the routes below and contact the group’s leader if you’d like to join in. Walking school buses help kids get to school ready to learn! They also help fight climate change, increase community, and reduce traffic around school. Join one or start one!

    Use these routes or start your own.  Join the West Woodland Parents Yahoo Group or look in the directory to find interested parents near you. Walking school buses can run daily, periodically or on any schedule that works for the families involved.

    Start... Join the group as it travels... Leader/contact (check in first before walking)

    South & SE of WW
    NW 52nd & Palatine
    Palatine to 54th, then to 1st NW and down 55th.

    Joanna Grist

    North & NE of WW
    NW 60th St & Sycamore Ave. NW
    West on 60th St (down the p-patch), south on 3rd Ave. NW to the cross walk at 58th, then west on 58th to WW.

    Tia Keenan

    For more information about the routes listed, contact the route leaders. For information on Walking School Buses in general, please check out