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Weekly Lessons for Grades 3-5

Weekly Lessons for Grades 3-5

taught by Mylen Huggins

Value/Depth in 2-d space

Description: Visual depth in a 2-dimensional space by using the element of value.  We’re going to compare a pure line drawing to a drawing with lines and value then create a drawing with black & white conte’ crayons, b/w pencils, charcoal pencils, tortillons and kneaded erasers on toned pastel paper.  In addition, the kids will incorporate acute and obtuse angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines in their compositions.

Exaggerated Face Forms in Clay

(4TH &  5TH Grade)
Dates: 12/5 & 12/12
Description: This week your child will create a 3-dimensional self-portrait composition in clay.  Students will look at a variety of masks made by artists of different cultures that exhibit exaggerated features to emphasize certain features and express emotions.
Enduring Understanding: The human head is a 3-dimensional organic form.  It has height, width and depth. Artists can exaggerate certain parts o the face to express a specific emotion.

Learning Targets: Students will identify three-dimensional forms on a human  face. Use exaggeration for expressive intention by making one or two features of their self-portrait bigger/smaller/asymmetrical, etc. to attribute an emotion to the feature to create emphasis.
Element of Art: Form

Principle of Design Emphasis/Materials:

Low fire clay and clay tools, glazes.

Arts & Literacy- exaggeration, emphasis, emotion, portrait.  Visual Art- form, texture, asymmetrical. Math- 3-dimensional, addition, subtraction (clay).

Cultural Inspiration: Super Heroes, Cartooning, Western (Nigeria) and Central (Congo) African Masks, Japanese 14th & 15th century Masks.

Radial Symmetry in Relief Prints

Dates: 10/31, 11/7, 11/14 and 11/21

  • In the next couple of art sessions, your child will create a composition that will explore a visual art and math concept on radial symmetry (circular, radiating pattern) in printmaking.
  • We will plan compositions in radial symmetry with a focus on overlapping shapes to create depth and rotation and repetition to create movement.
  • We will transfer a drawing of overlapping, rotating shapes to a stryrofoam printmaking plate. We will draw over our lines to create relief on the plate surface.
  • We will ink up our plate and print it two times using different colors of paper; transfer a clear opaque image from plate to paper.
  • We will clean our plate off and then add repeating lines in rotation inside of our shapes.
  • We will carefully register (line up) our plates (ink with a second, new color) with our first prints to create two-color relief prints.

Enduring Understanding: Shapes and lines overlapped in rotation can create depth and movement in composition.

Learning Targets:
Students will….

  • Create depth and movement in radial symmetry.
  • Make two color prints.

Element of Art: Space

Principle of Design:
(Radial) Balance/ Movement

Drawing pencils, math tools (protractor, rulers, geometric shape manipulatives),  drawing paper, Styrofoam boards, brayers, block printing inks, Subi printing papers.

Art/Math Infused – Angles, Diagonal, Geometric shape, Horizontal, Pattern, Rotation, Symmetry, Vertical; Visual Arts; Brayer, Depth, Overlapping, Print plate, Radial balance, Registration, Relief print, Repetition, Surface

Cultural Inspiration: Mandalas, Persian & Islamic Pattern Designs, Snowflakes, flowers, doilies, etc