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Artist In Residence

Weekly Lessons for Grade K-2

Weekly Lessons for Grades K-2

by Anne Pfiel

Lesson 7 :Our Family: (2 period lesson)

Description of Project: Students create a mixed media image of their family in a setting  

Student Understanding: Selecting subjects and placing the objects in relation to each other creates a main idea  

Learning Targets: 
The student:

  • Identifies and shows a main idea in a work of art by drawing family members in a setting
  • Identifies location in a composition, describing parts that are above, below, behind and in-between
  • Creates an oil-pastel resist, mixing secondary colors             

Art Element: Space; Color   

Art Materials:
oil pastels; water colors in primary colors; 11 x 14” watercolor paper; brushes; water cups

above; below; behind; in-between; resist; space; secondary colors

Painted Textures with Secondary Colors

(Grades 1-2)
Date: 12/5 & 12/12  

Description of Project:
  Students mix primary colors to makes secondary colors and use a brush to create surface textures in paint.        

Student Understanding:
Mixing primary colors makes secondary colors.  Making dabs and strokes with a paintbrush creates a variety of surface textures in paint.

Learning Targets:  The student:

  • Recognizes and makes secondary colors
  • Uses at least two distinct paint marks to fill the page
  • Cares for paintbrushes

Art Element: Color; Texture             

Art Materials: tempera paint in primary colors; ¼” to 3/4” round and flat paintbrushes; water containers; paper towels; 12 x 18” watercolor paper; color wheel

Vocabulary: primary colors; secondary colors; dabs; strokes; palette

Clay Turtle Sculpture

(Grades 1-2)     

Dates: 11/14
Description of Project : Students model (clay technique: pinch) a 3-dimensional form in the shape of a turtle, using a tool to create texture.           

Student Understanding: A form takes up space and has space all around it.  Texture can be applied to a clay form to describe the surface of an object.  

Learning Targets: The student…

  • Pinches a form in clay 
  • Makes and attaches coils to the form
  • Applies texture with modeling tool.

Art Element: Form; Texture

Art Materials: Clay, canvas, modeling tools.

Vocabulary: Form; texture; pinch; coil

Paper Texture Collage

Dates: 10/31 and 11/7

Description of Project: Students use paper sculpture techniques to create a variety of textures.

Student Understanding: Artists use texture to describe how something feels.  Lines and patterns resulting from manipulating paper in a variety of ways create textural surfaces.

Learning Targets: The student…

  • Recognizes a variety of textures
  • Describes textural surfaces.
  • Uses at least three paper sculpture techniques (cutting, folding, twisting, weaving, tearing and layering paper) to create textural surfaces.

Art Element: Texture

Art Materials: 9 x 12” construction paper format; smaller construction paper pieces; scissors; glue sticks

Vocabulary: texture; rough; smooth