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    Events at West Woodland

    Below is a list of the many events that students and families can participate in at West Woodland.  They are generally listed as they occur from September through June.  Read the Wildcat Chat and keep an eye on the school calendar for exact dates. If you are a volunteer coordinating an event please read our FAQ & Guidelines.  

    Interested in learning more about our events and volunteering at West Woodland?  Contact our volunteer coordinator, Eliza Lagerquist by email at:

    Taking Care of Business Day

    TCB Day is the mark of the official beginning of West Woodland’s back to school process; a designated time where families can take care of as much business as possible prior to the first day of school. Our goal is to eliminate much of the paperwork that typically goes back and forth the first weeks of school and to minimize disruptions during class time. This occurs for a day, usually one week before school starts.

    Kindergarten/New Parent Coffee

    This is held on the first day of school and it is a time to welcome new families to West Woodland. Coffee & baked goods are served. 

    Curriculum Night

    Learn about what students will be studying in the school year. This event is typically held on a weekday evening in mid-September.

    Annual Appeal Pledge Drive

    Fall Fundraising drive sponsored by the PTA. Learn more about our Annual Appeal.

    K-2 and Grades 3-5 Meet-and-Greet Potlucks

    Two grade-level potlucks (one for K-2 and another for grades 3-5) are held at school on a Friday evening in September as a way for new families to meet other families and socialize. The potlucks are held on the blacktop out back of school (weather permitting) or school lunchroom.

    Walk & Wheel to School Month of October

    October is Walk and Wheel month, where we encourage our students to walk, bus,bike or scooter to school, to promote healthy / green ways of getting to and from school.

    Terrific Tuesdays Assemblies

    All school assemblies to celebrate events and students.  They occur roughly every 6 to 8 weeks through the school year.

    PTA Community / General Meetings

    PTA Community Meeting agendas typically include a speaker addressing education or parenting topics, school / PTA issues, and question /answer sessions with school leadership.  PTA general meetings occur about 4 or 5 times throughout the school year. Learn more about our PTA.

    Family Movie Night

    Watch a movie in the cafeteria on the big screen with your friends. These are held a few times through the school year.

    Book Fair in the Library

    The Library turns into a small book shop with books for sale for a week usually in the fall and spring.

    Family Literacy Night

    Students did different literacy activities in their classrooms.

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Private conferences between parents & teachers are held once a year in November, typically during Thanksgiving break.This year's dates are November 21st, 22nd, 23rd.

    Seattle Kids Marathon

    Students are encouraged to participate in the Seattle Kids marathon in November.The Ms. Barrett our PE teacher promotes running during recess that counts toward Marathon completion.

    Music Concerts

    4th/5th Grade Instrumental music and Cub & Wildcat choir performances are held twice a year, in the winter and spring.

    School Tours

    Families interested in West Woodland are invited to an open house/school tour where they can learn about West Woodland's programs and facilities. One evening tour happens in January or February. 

    Spring Fundraiser (formally the West Woodland Gala)

    This is a Spring fundraising event sponsored by the PTA. Learn more about our Spring Event.

    Art Night/Science Night

    On alternating years, students display Art or Science projects completed at home and school. These evening events are usually held in March of each year, in the West Woodland Lunchroom and Gym, and Hallways of the school. 

    Talent Show / Lego Exposition / Art Gallery

    The talent show has been one of the highlights of the school year. This is an evening where you can come see our students share their talents, including a stage show, student Lego Expo, and Art Gallery. It also includes a wonderful staff performance!

    Screen Free Week

    Students and families are encouraged to turn off the TV, video games, computer, iPad Touch and other for one week during free time hours and use other methods of entertainment.

    Bike to School Month

    May is Bike-to-School Month and is designed as a fun event to encourage bicycle commuting and mentor new riders. West Woodland’s Bike Rodeo occurs on the 1st Sunday in May of each year and is a perfect way to kick off Bike to School Month. Learn more about our Bike to School Month.

    Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

    Teacher& staff appreciation week takes place the first week of May each year and is an opportunity for families and students to do something special for West Woodland staff to thank them for all they do. Suggested activities are organized by the staff appreciation coordinator.  

    Camp Seymour

    4th and 5th grade students go to overnight camp for 2 nights in May.

    Ice Cream Social for New Families for Upcoming School Year

    Future fall kindergarten and new students are served ice cream from the kindergarten teachers and learn about West Woodland. This event is usually held on a weekday evening in late May. Learn more on our Info for News Families

    Field Day

    Field Day is a near end of school year afternoon of outdoor games and activities for all students at West Woodland. This event is organized by the PE teacher.


    An end-of-the-year school celebration typically held out on the playground on the Friday evening before the last week of school.

    Kindergarten Smile Assembly

    This is a celebration for kindergartners and their families for completing the school year.

    Awards Assembly

    An awards assembly occurs the last week of school in June to award specific teachers and volunteers for their outstanding achievements at West Woodland for the current school year.

    5th Grade Promotion

    A 5th Grade Promotion  “Moving On” Ceremony is held in the lunchroom / gym for 5th graders who are moving on to middle school.