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    (Formerly Arts Friday)
    In addition to art lessons created by teachers in their individual classrooms, the P.T.A.
    funds art lessons throughout the year in every classroom. The Artist in Residence
    Program delivers quality, equitable and consistent art lessons and experiences to all West
    Woodland students.

    Visual Artists in Residence

    Anne PfeilAnne Pfeil (Grades K-2)
    Anne Pfeil is a painter and ceramic artist who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from New Mexico State University. She previously worked as a museum educator in New Mexico and at The Seattle Art Museum and is a trained VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) practitioner. In addition to the Arts Friday program, Anne currently teaches the after-school program Creativity Lab and teaches art and creative movement to preschool children at Listen and Talk school.

    Mylen HugginsMylen Huggins (Grades )

    Mylen is very passionate about arts education. In addition to WestWoodland, she teaches art independently and through Arts Corps. She is also a teaching artist for Arts Corps as well as an Artist Mentor with Arts Impact.  For more information on Mylen check out her link:

    West Woodland PTA is currently seeking an Artist in Residence Coordinator. Interested? Please apply today!