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News and Events For This Week

Principal's Weekly Message
Dear West Woodland Families,
Thank you to those who came to the PTA General Meeting last night! We heard about current issues on the upcoming ballots, Ms. Loveness presented the State of the School and I presented an overview of the new math curriculum. The power points will be loaded onto the website if you would like to see some of the information shared. 

Family Literacy Night
Thursday, November 6th, from 6:30-8:00 pm we are inviting all West Woodland Families to a Family Literacy Night. We invite you to come in your pajamas or comfortable clothing, bring a big pillow and your favorite book. We will have reading and writing activities for you to enjoy and the book fair will be open. This night takes place of our annual Math Night. We will be hosting a Math Night next year. More information will come, so watch SNEAKS, the website and signs in the building.

Are you a licensed teacher?
Seattle Public Schools has a shortage of substitute teachers. There have already been 5 instances  of teachers at our school not being able to get a substitute this year. This leaves the administration, specialists and special education teachers to make patchwork schedules to teach in these classrooms. If you have a teaching license, and are willing to work in our building, please let Marilyn or me know and we will help you get into the substitute teaching pool. 

Hiring Committee 
Each year, we ask that parents who are interested take a hiring committee training at the district office. Some hiring take place on a very short timeline and we need to have trained parents to participate in every hiring committee. Trainings are offered monthly and dates and times can be found on the district website. Please consider attending a training to be a part of a West Woodland hiring committee. 

Principals’ Coffee
The PTA will be hosting a Principals’ Welcome Coffee on October 22nd at 8:50, right after drop-off.  Join us for coffee and morning treats at the front of our school. There is no program or agenda -- just a fun, informal opportunity to meet your principals, and talk about school happenings, events and get to know each other better.

Quote from a great article
“Children have an incredible capacity to care, to give, and to empathize, from a very young age.  It has nothing to do with pity.  An instinct for justice comes naturally to a young child, who is free from skepticism, prejudice and doubt.
When parents see that kernel of compassion in our children we want to cultivate it.  And when world leaders come together to debate the big questions of our time, like they do each September in New York for the opening of the UN General Assembly, issues of poverty and peace make headlines that we can explore at age-appropriate levels with our children.  Like the development of a muscle, this awareness often grows undetectably, but can be deliberately nurtured.  Here are five steps I’ve found to help empower kids to care and want to make a difference.
    Talk about it.  
    ‘Be a friend to the whole human race.’  
    Learn about causes – together.  
    Embrace a cause.  
    Nurture inspiration”

To keep reading, you can find the article here: 

Tami Beach
Assistant Principal 

Legislative Update
Seattle voters will be faced with 3 ballot measures pertaining to children and education this upcoming election. As members of the West Woodland community, we encourage you to be ready to make informed decisions on these issues. Read more about Prop 1A, Prop 1B  and Measure I-1351 on the new "Legislative Update" page.

If you have any questions about any of these ballot measures or other local/state legislative issues, please feel free to contact the Legislative Liaison, Christina Witteman (cwitteman@gmail.com) for further information.

Please complete the Volunteer Survey!
Volunteers are the reason West Woodland has so many fantastic events, activities and strong classroom support!

We need volunteers of all kinds - from people who are willing to lead big events to people who want to take on support roles, people who want to do small projects at home to people who want to show up the day of and lend a hand.

We'd like to find out what you are interested in!  Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey to let us know where you'd like to pitch in!  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nannies – everyone is invited to take the survey!

Feel free to check as many boxes as you are interested in!  You are NOT committing to volunteering for anything specific if you check a box - you are simply indicating that you would be interested in hearing more about the event or program when it comes up!

For more detailed information on the events and programs, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Complete the Volunteer Survey Now 
(Note: Survey closes Monday, November 3rd)

Volunteering Needs
As our school grows, so does our need for volunteers - not just inside the classroom, but for our PCP staff and staff support programs as well!  Please consider giving your time!

PE Room Representative
Katie Barrett  and Rosemary Hanson are looking for a volunteer to help coordinate the PE and Health needs that come up throughout the year.  This person will help our PE teachers find volunteers as they need them, coordinate field day and work with  Katie and Rosemary as other needs arise.  If you are interested please reach out to Jen Swantz at jen.swantz@comcast.net

Your Teachers Love the New Copy Program!
The copy program we launched this year to assist teachers with their copy needs has been a great success! In fact it's such a hit we could use some more help!

Here are some ways you could get involved!
  • DROP-IN - want to help, but have a crazy schedule and commit to a regular day/time? That's ok - We love drop-ins! The copy request box is located in the back office/copy room area - see what requests the teachers have and give a few minutes of your time to help them out!
  • Already volunteering with your child's teacher? If you happen to be volunteering doing a project for child's teacher at school already, stop by the back office to see if there are any copy projects you could quickly do before, after or while you're volunteering!
  • Schedule a regular day/time to come in and help out.
Interested in helping out? Contact Brandi Mattila at brandimattila@gmail.com or 206-660-0254 for a quick training on the process and how to let us know when you've completed a job.

West Woodland Garden - Fall Work Party
Come help out in the garden!

Saturday, November 1, 9 am - noon (work off all that Halloween candy!)
  • Part 1 - "leaf day" - grab your rakes and rake up fall leaves to keep the playground safe
  • Part 2 - permaculture workshop - learn how to make raised mounds like in the WW Food Garden so you can grow vegetables with minimal water and weeding.
Our garden helpers also meet weekly at 9am after Friday morning coffee to work in the garden.

Coming Soon! - Fall Scholastic Book Fair
Fall Scholastic Book Fair will be held October 31st – November 6th in the library.  Fliers with some of the books available will be sent out soon.  However, the fair will have a much larger selection. Students will attend with their classes, and families will also have times to visit.

This as a fundraiser to support the library. All proceeds go directly to the library budget.

We will also be collecting change and donations to support the library program at Viewlands Elementary our “sister” school.  Currently they have no library budget from the school.

If you are interested in working the registers, helping with setup or take down, sign up at:

You can also tell Paula Wittmann in the library, or email Julie MacGillis at juliemacgillis@hotmail.com.

Look for more detailed information next week.

Lice are Back!
Students have returned to school and, unfortunately, so have lice. The best way to control the spread of lice is for families to check their students’ hair regularly. The best times to check are Friday and Monday, because students are often with different friends during the week and the weekend.

To look for lice: 
  • Have your child sit in a well light place- natural light or a good strong lamp really helps.
  • Look at the scalp at the nape of the neck, the crown of the head, behind both ears and at the forehead. Nits are ovoid and attached to the hair shaft near the scalp.
  • If you have a lice comb you can use it to thoroughly go through all areas of the head. Again focus on hair close to the scalp.
  • Live lice are very small and depending on their age and last meal vary from almost clear to dark brown. Lice move quickly but do not hop or jump.
If you find lice or nits please let the school and child care know. Please contact the school nurse if you have questions or concerns. – Alison Inkley, West Woodland school nurse, 206-252-1607.

October is Walk & Wheel Month
Please join your West Woodland friends and family participating by walking, riding, scooting or skating to school!  And please be sure to make any journey made by foot or wheel off on the Walk and Wheel Tally Sheet located just outside your classroom door.

Woodland Park Zoo Education Programs
Woodland Park Zoo partners with West Woodland by providing a variety of programs to support student education. The programs are always changing, and often available during holiday breaks and early release days. 

Programs include Parents Night out, Scout Classes, Bug Club, and more!

Read more about each program, timing, availability and pricing

I Care Stories
Our first story is about a SUPER compassionate fourth grader in Ms. Dresbeck’s class. Finn Keenan was in the lunchroom when a kindergartener accidentally dumped her lunch all over the floor. Without being asked, Keenan jumped to the rescue! He helped pick up all the food and reassured the five year old that everything was going to be okay. Thank you, Finn, for caring about someone younger and taking action – way to go!!!

The second story is from Ms. Beach who saw Reagan Sheffield from Mr. McGowan’s  class being VERY compassionate at lunch. Someone near Reagan’s table said she didn’t have a place to sit. Without missing a beat, Reagan said in a cheerful voice, “Come and sit by me!” Thanks, Reagan, for thinking about another person’s feelings and helping out. 

These are the "stories" that are read by 4th/5th grade students over the intercom on Wednesday mornings.  This is one of the many ways we work to reinforce our I CARE Values at West Woodland.

How to get SNEAKS
Are you receiving Sneaks, the emailed weekly Newsletter from West Woodland?  Can you log into the school web site:  www.westwoodlandes.seasttleschools.org?  Does your password not work?  

If you are having trouble with any of these things, the How to Get SNEAKS page will help you. It includes details instructions on how to get registered with The Source AND the West Woodland Web site (school fusion), so you can stay up to date!

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