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News and Events For This Week

Principal's Weekly Message
Dear West Woodland Families,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a relaxed, family-filled holiday. 

Directories came home on Friday. Thank you to each parent who worked on this big task!

Parent-Teacher conferences are in full swing, and going well. Thank you for attending and being such an active, supportive part of the educational team at West Woodland. 

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s) were started by an anonymous group and it has spread like wildfire! Thank you to whoever started RAK’s at our school. I have loved seeing these kind, helpful things happen, it has truly taken flight and it has had a positive, significant impact on our culture.

Information from School Nurse
Please read the information regarding Pertussis Advisory 20NOV2014.

Note from the District on the New Report Cards
Seattle Public Schools has made some changes to the progress reports families receive each trimester for elementary students. As you may know, a few years ago, Washington State adopted new College and Career Readiness Standards (known as Common Core). Like all districts in the state, Seattle Public Schools has been training teachers on these standards so that the district would be ready for the new statewide tests that will be given this spring to students in grades 3-8 and 11. Those tests, known as Smarter Balanced, will cover standards in English Language Arts and Math. The state will continue to test students in Science using the MSP, administered in grades 5 and 8.

To reflect these new English Language Arts and Math standards, the district has revised its Elementary Progress Report. Families will see updated standards in the areas of English Language Arts, Math and Learning Behaviors. Because the new College and Career Readiness Standards (Common Core) cover only English Language Arts and Math, standards in other subject areas like Science are not changing.

"Please view the following video to learn more about these changes: http://vimeo.com/110191805. “

Have a fabulous weekend!

Take care,

Tami Beach
Assistant Principal 

Wildcat Giving Tree
Holiday time can be a time of financial hardship for some families.  This is especially true if you are going through a change such as a job loss, a divorce, relocation, illness, or other stressful time. 

he PTA at West Woodland has a program to ease that hardship for families during the winter holidays.   You may request gift cards or specific items on the form below.  The nameless requests will be put on the Wildcat’s scarf outside the office.  Families will gift the requested items.  The families requesting help will remain anonymous and will be able to pick the items up in the school office on Wednesday and Thursday December 17th and 18th.

If your family would like support, fill out this form and return to Marilyn Loveness or Marty Phelps by Tuesday, November 25th.  

If you have questions contact Marilyn Loveness, principal, (206 252-1605, mjloveness@seattleschools.org)  All information will be kept confidential.

Marilyn Loveness

Wildcat Giving Program 2014
Tis' the season of giving and West Woodland welcomes you to support our Wildcat Giving Program. This year we are offering three ways to make a donation. You can donate gifts to WW families, to a fund that supports our families throughout the year, or to a new partner school in Seattle.  
THREE WAYS to make a donation:
  1. Wildcat Giving: This is a gift program aimed to helping our West Woodland families make sure they have a special holiday. Requests received from families can be found on the gift tags decorating our Giving Wildcat. Each RED tag has one gift request on it.  Please take a tag, sign it out at the main office sign-up sheet, purchase the gift, and return your unwrapped gift to Marty Phelps in the office.
  2. Family Support Fund Giving:  This fund supports West Woodland families in need throughout the year.  This fund is used on a case by case basis to help West Woodland families with emergency needs. If you would like to contribute to the family support fund, please take a BLUE tag off the Giving Wildcat & turn it in with your check to WW PTA to Marty Phelps in the office.
  3. Partner School Giving:  West Woodland is one of the top ten schools in Seattle for family contributions.  Many schools are not as fortunate and we’d like to share our generosity with another Seattle elementary school. We have chosen Viewlands Elementary as our partner school and are taking donations to fund buses for  grade level field trips.  Please take a GREEN Viewlands Elementary tag from the giving wildcat & turn it in with your cash or check (preferred) donation written out to Viewlands Elementary to Marty Phelps in the office.  (Donations will go directly to  Viewlands Elementary).
  • Tuesday, December 2nd through Friday, December 12 - Gift/donation tags will be on the Wild Cat outside of the office 
  • Friday, December 12th - Gifts and donations must be returned to the office 
  • December 17 - Distribution will begin.
We understand there are many ways you can contribute during this season, please keep in mind that the Wildcat Giving Program is completely optional. Thank you for your participation and generous spirit of giving to others!

Winter Enrichment: Registration Opens Dec 1st @ 7am
Mark you calendars! West Woodland will offer the same before and after school enrichment classes you saw Fall quarter. Registration for Winter quarter will open on December 1st and close on December 12th. Classes will begin the week of January 5 and will run through March 13th. Spring classes will begin the week of March 23rd.

Read more about the classes.

Questions? Contact Angie Heinrich (angie@zetamari.comor Heather McCall (mccallheather@hotmail.com)

From our School Nurse - Alison Inkley
As winter time sets in and the season for colds and viruses, please read the district guidelines when to keep your child home from school.

Woodland Park Zoo Education Programs
Woodland Park Zoo partners with West Woodland by providing a variety of programs to support student education. The programs are always changing, and often available during holiday breaks and early release days. 

Programs include Parents Night out, Scout Classes, Bug Club, and more!

Read more about each program, timing, availability and pricing

4th Annual West Woodland's Got Talent!
Friday, February 6, 2014 4:30 - 8:30 pm
Sign-ups Begin Dec 1!
Permission slips and information sheets available beginning December 1!
**NEW THIS YEAR!  Rehearsals will be on Saturdays in January! Students will no longer be pulled out of class or recess to rehearse for the stage show. (We may have exceptions for special circumstances and/or last minute needs the week of the show)
Don’t miss out on one of the highlights of the school year. Bring the whole family to West Woodland and come see our students share their talents! The stage show begins at 5:30 pm, but bring the gang at 4:30 pm to enjoy our student Lego Expo and Art Gallery! Pizza & snacks available at our concession stands! 
Thank you to Kayal Palanichamy and Jenny Whitmer who will be working with Linda Joss & Richelle Dickerson to take over production of the show this year.  
We can still use Volunteers! Please contact Richelle – richelledickersonpta@yahoo.com or Linda - linda@jossfamily.com if you’re interested!  

How to get SNEAKS
Are you receiving Sneaks, the emailed weekly Newsletter from West Woodland?  Can you log into the school web site:  www.westwoodlandes.seasttleschools.org?  Does your password not work?  

If you are having trouble with any of these things, the How to Get SNEAKS page will help you. It includes details instructions on how to get registered with The Source AND the West Woodland Web site (school fusion), so you can stay up to date!

I Care Stories
The first story comes from Ms. Sumpter and Mr. Parks who would like to thank the students who remember to pick up the equipment after last recess. Coen Brumbach and Jack Rainlyn from Mr. Langley’s class were especially helpful this week. Thank you for being accountable!

The second story is about Will Blessing from Ms. Hamilton’s class. One day this week a kindergartener could not reach a ball in the ball cage and so she asked a yellow jacket if they would get it for her. Will overheard Katie’s request and enthusiastically offered to get the ball for her. Will reached into the ball cage, pulled a ball out, and kindly handed it to her. It is this kind of compassion that makes the playground a fun place to be! Thanks, Will, for being so kind!

These are the "stories" that are read by 4th/5th grade students over the intercom on Wednesday mornings.  This is one of the many ways we work to reinforce our I CARE Values at West Woodland.

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